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Who likes the idea of dieting.... no one. This isn't about a diet this is about becoming healthy.  Gained all the weight, and just wasn't feeling well anymore. I just couldn't focus on losing weight,and feeding myself it was just overwhelming. I remembered all my teen diets. Thats when I started making this cabbage soup, and slowly I tweaked it to become better. I got bored of the one soup, and because I'm a chef I started making more. Then I kept making sooo many different soups, and that pushed me to exercise more, and slowly gain more control of my life. You can gain control also Skinnylish helps save you time and eat healthy yummy foods.  I started as Skinnkysoup and then slowly turned to Skinnylish, after  many requests as how I lost so much weight. Thus  Skinnylish begun!                                                                                           


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